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  Many retail stores and businesses have a visibility challenge.
  Our products help resolve the visibility challenge  attracting potential customers to any type of business or event.
  Our company's Air dancers, rooftops, giant replicas, cold air balloons, tents, advertising  balloons, spheres, helium blimps, advertising inflatables, wind flags and  banners are custom made to your specific needs and advertising preference.

We offer the finest quality products at very competitive prices. We are direct manufacturers and have our own art department that will help with your logos,  graphics, and custom designs.

Why Use Inflatables



Make your business more visible by flying or displaying

an inflatable  in your business.!


"The most powerful and cost effective way to increase store traffic! "
Outdoor advertising at a fraction of the cost of ALL other forms of advertising!


Advertising Balloons are the fastest growing way of advertising. While the advertising rates for other media keep pushing up to record levels,  Advertising Inflatables offer huge advantage and savings over TV, Radio, Magazines, Newspapers, and Billboards, reaching the consumer in a more visual and direct way. Owning and advertising balloons is like having your own billboard but at a  fraction of the cost. And the best advantage is that you OWN IT!! You can set it up at your business , special events, trade shows, swap meet, festivals, and any other events were you need to be seen.


 A) According to a study by the Wall Street Journal, it will take a new business over three years to make itself known to 38% of the traffic passing by every day.  Inflatable advertising reduces that time to 90 days.  Our clients say that they will not go one day without it, their sales go up so much on the days they have the inflatable out!

B)  Maximum return for your investment.  Giant inflatables are impossible to miss.  They stand out among any other advertising because of size and movement. Their eye-catching size creates visibility, name recognition and brand awareness.  Cold Air Inflatables bring more customers to your place of business at a lower cost than any other advertising. 

C)  It complements any other advertising.  Newspaper, radio,   television, coupons and even billboard advertising can create a desire to visit your business, but when a potential customers’ see a giant inflatable it makes them take action and come into your business.

Here are some of the proven advantages of Advertising Inflatables:

  • Immediate Results!
    Sales increase 10-35%, poor visibility locations go up 50-100%!
    Sales gross of $30k monthly increases $3k - $15k from a  $500 to $5000 sign
  • Very Flexible , you can place them where and when you can make a greater impact in your customers and business.
  • Very Targeted to the increased number of drivers on streets and freeways.
  • More Effective than traditional outdoor advertising, since there is no clutter from billboards and it catches the eye of the prospective customer.
  • Great  Value when compared to other advertising tool. In fact, Inflatable Advertising costs only a fraction of what you're spending now for other more conventional advertising.

    Why Do 95% of Retailers Fail within 5 Years?
    They can’t COST EFFECTIVELY get customers through the door.
    Regardless of what you sell, you’re really in the business of getting customers.
    Do You See a Print Ad and Hop in your Car to Go Buy it??
    Potential new customers drive by you every day.
    They’re already there, they just need to see you. Giant inflatables get seen!

    Make you look and say, “I’ll have to stop by there”!
    Whether your use a tube dancer, rooftop  balloon, cold air  inflatable or blimp..
    Whether you use it daily, weekly or a couple times a month...
    You’ll see dramatic results because thousands of people who drive by will see you!

Take advantage of Advertising Inflatables for:

  • Identifying Your Business Location: Blimps placed on your roof can attract passing customers from up to 3 miles away! Flying your blimp at 150 to 200 feet is the same as adding anywhere between fifteen to 20 floors to your business location!

  • Promoting Special Events: Nothing attracts attention to a new product or event more than a larger-than-life inflatable. Use over-sized product replicas to get that new product introduction off to a fast start.

  • Increase Brand and Logo Awareness: Make sure your product or company name is easily seen by unique aerial placement at all of your sponsored events and competitions!

  • Tradeshows and Exhibitions: Placing an advertising blimp above your trade show booth will make sure people notice you! Your blimp can also attract potential new customers you might have missed.

Most large companies spend thousands and thousands of dollars erecting large signs at their locations because they know the Golden Rule of business. 

The farther that your business or event is seen the more customers that will naturally be attracted to your products.  Our rooftop balloons can be seen from blocks away and our flying balloons and blimps can be seen up to 3 miles away.  

Our balloons are literally like having your own billboard.  The landscape of America is filled with billboards from coast to coast that cost thousands of dollars per month just to rent.
The greatest part of our large balloons they are mounted on your rooftop and you own it!  Most of our balloons can be lit at night for 24 hour visibility!

Our inflated displays are also great for tradeshow booths.  Many companies spend thousands of dollars to have signs hung from the ceiling of the tradeshow hall.
Our inflated displays cost much less and get your company great visibility from many aisles away and most of the time 100% visibility from the complete floor show.

  All of our LARGE balloons are portable, reusable, and create IMMEDIATE excitement.  Just plug the balloon into electrical outlet or fill with helium and watch your SALES SOAR.    Please take a few minutes to browse our complete line of balloons. 


For outdoor advertising our  Air Dancers, Cold Air balloons, Parade balloons, Advertising inflatables, Blimps, Helium Balloons, Giant Inflatable Replicas and Digital Wind Flags can bring more customers to your location


Visit our retail sales site or other factory outlet for add’l info on products.


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