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 Air Dancers, Wind Dancers,

  Air Dancer™  Arrow Dancer Mini Dancers

 Cold Air Balloons (Roof or Ground Balloon)

  Custom Shape Hot Air Shape Gorillas


 Flying Helium Balloon

  Blimp Sphere Custom Shape


  Other Products

  Digital Wind Flags

  Banner/Digital Banner

  Inflatable Costume

  Tent or Pop-up Tent

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  • All inflatables come with complete installation package, repair kit and instruction manual. Just take them out of the box and they are ready to use (some assembly may be required on some products)

  • If you are providing the art, art charges do not apply, it can be mailed or emailed Email art to:

  • Any art charges will depend on what we need to do to make it print ready. We charge $45.00 per hour for artwork.

  • For instructions on sending art click here: Sending Art

  • We do offer pantone color matching for $85.00 per color to be matched.

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