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  • Many retail stores and businesses have a visibility challenge.
  • Our products help resolve the visibility challenge  attracting potential customers to any type of business or event.
  • Our company's Air dancers, rooftops, giant replicas, cold air balloons, tents, advertising  balloons, spheres, helium blimps, advertising inflatables, wind flags and  banners are custom made to your specific needs and advertising preference.

• We offer the finest quality products at very competitive prices. We are direct manufacturers and have our own art department that will help with your logos,  graphics, and custom designs.



Attract Immediate IMMEDIATE attention with our advertising Balloons.

Our large advertising balloons target your most potential customer - THOSE WHO PASS BY YOUR LOCATION. Our advertising balloons have been used by hundreds of companies to promote retail sales, special events, grand openings, closing business, trade shows, parking lot sales and sports events.


8 ft Hot Air Shaped

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8 ft Hot Air Shaped

more pictures

18 ft Hot Air Shaped

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20 ft Hot Air Shaped

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24ft Hot Air Shaped

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28 ft Hot Air Shaped

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Size of Balloon Banner Size Type of Material Cost (US$)
8 Foot Tall 2 feet by 4 feet 7.5 oz. urethane coated nylon


18 Foot Tall 4 feet by 8 feet 7.5 oz. urethane coated nylon


24 Foot Tall 7 feet by 14 feet 7.5 oz. urethane coated nylon $2,895
28 Foot Tall 8 feet by 16 feet 7.5 oz. urethane coated nylon $3,395

Please call for logos or custom balloons


 Our Hot Air Shaped Balloons come in a complete package making it easy to install and use. The package includes the following:

  • Hot air shaped advertising balloon made from durable and resistant materials

  • Sewn together with industrial machines

  • Heavy duty inflation fan

  • Custom banner for front of balloon (back banner available)

  • 12 tie down straps

  • Extension cord

  • Storage bag

  • Instruction manual

  • The 24 and 28 foot styles include a 1000 watt lighting system and   heavy duty timer.

AmeraMark offers four different size hot air shaped advertising balloons

(8 foot, 18 foot, 24 foot, 28 foot).   

Hot Air Shaped advertising balloons are powered by a continuously operating electric fan that keeps air flowing into the balloon. The fan mounts at the bottom of the balloon and can be powered by 110V or 220V electricity. 

The balloon folds up and can be easily transported in the storage bag in the trunk of your car. These stationary inflatables create an instant visible  landmark for your location!

If you have 1 location or 1000, we can tailor a program to suit your needs. We manufacture, ship, and repair balloons in our own facility in Southern California.

Cold Air Inflatables come in four variations: Rooftop Balloons, Custom Shapes, Product Replicas. They can be created in any size and design

from 8 feet to 50 feet tall.

All of our Cold Air Inflatables are manufactured using the highest quality;  vinyl-coated nylon fabrics. All fabrics are 7.5 oz, 210 Denier, have a UV  coating, and are waterproof. All seams are double secured to ensure durability, and all stress areas are reinforcement. Due to their sturdy, heavy-duty construction, cold air inflatables are able to withstand winds of up to 30 mph or more without damage from the elements.

Depending on your requirements, cold air inflatables are continually  inflated using either an internal or external blower, while high-tension tether straps anchor the inflatable in place. With an  additional internal light system, these units leave a visible impression day or night!

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For outdoor advertising our  Air Dancers, Cold Air balloons, Parade balloons, Advertising inflatables, Blimps, Helium Balloons, Giant Inflatable Replicas and Digital Wind Flags can bring more customers to your location


Visit our retail sales site or other factory outlet for add’l info on products.


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